11 egg making gadgets we found on Amazon to get you excited for breakfast

Catherine Robinson

Eggs – absolutely delicious, whether you like them scrambled, hard-boiled or poached. But cooking them to perfection can sometimes be tricky, not to mention messy!

But never fear, there are a number of awesome egg gadgets (some of which you probably didn’t know existed) that will make your life easier and help you unlock the secret (get it?) to cooking eggs. perfect every time. From egg yolk separators, color-changing hard-boiled egg timers and perfect poachers, we’ve rounded up the best – and they’re all available at Amazon.

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Color changing timer

boiled egg timer

KitchenCraft Hard Boiled Egg Timer with Color Changing Heat Sensor, £2.95 Amazon


Toss this innovative hourglass into the pan with your eggs and it changes color to show how cooked they are. Easy-to-read markers indicate when your eggs are soft, medium or hard. And it’s completely safe – made from food-grade polyresin and comes with a 12-month warranty.

5 Star Review Rating: 75%

For an overview: “I can’t live without it. How was I able to boil eggs before using one?

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The ultimate egg cup stand

egg cups

KitchenCraft colourworks set of 4 egg cups, £8.24, Amazon


Once you have the perfect boiled egg, you need the perfect egg cup, right? Look no further. These non slip holders are the perfect egg cushion, they are made from European food grade silicone and come with a 12 month warranty.

5 Star Review Rating: 72%

For an overview: “We love them. Great quality, non slip, stackable and dishwasher safe. No chance of them getting knocked over which is a bonus! Nice colors too and if you drop them they don’t break, perfect!”

Perfect Fried Egg Ring Molds

fried egg molds

Egg rings, £6.99, Amazon


Simply crack your eggs directly into these heat-resistant silicone molds and you can easily make perfect fried egg rounds without stress or mess.

5 star rating: 50%

For an overview: “Brilliant product…although I ordered eggs it’s also amazing for making stacks of pancakes…the handles make it so easy and mess free and it never leaks under the pan like others that I have bought before it is by far the best quality.”

egg poacher

egg poachers

Set of 4 Kitchen Discovery Poach Egg Cups, £5.99, Amazon


These funky looking silicone poachers make boiling eggs easy. Make perfectly formed poached eggs – or use them in the microwave – with no mess.

5 star rating: 47%

For an overview: “They do ‘neat’ poached eggs. No waste like when they go in water only. Just be sure to add a lid to a shallow pan, as the steam cooks the top part. I have also added a tiny bit of butter to stop them sticking…then used a spoon to get them out…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED”

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egg white and yolk separator

egg yolk strainer

KitchenCraft Egg Separator Tool, £2.79, Amazon


Bakers or anyone who loves an egg white omelette will love this nifty egg separator. Gone are the days of fishing the eggshells out of the bowl.

5 star rating: 72%

For an overview: “An excellent and simple little kitchen kit. Crack the egg and pour it into the egg separator. The egg white flows through the slots in the side of the separator and the yolk is left behind. C “It’s simple, it works and it makes preparing mayonnaise so much easier! It’s also very dishwasher safe.”

omelet maker

omelet cooker

Von Chef Omelet Maker, £19.99, Amazon


For easy omelets in minutes, this is the ultimate egg gadget. It also serves as a fried or scrambled egg machine. The non-stick cooking plates also make cleaning easy.

5 star rating: 75%

For an overview: “The best gadget we’ve bought in a LONG TIME. I was a bit skeptical, given the price, but it’s just brilliant. It arrived quickly after a recommendation and was worth every penny.
I made a mixture of three eggs with red pepper and cheese, and it was perfect – you wouldn’t need more than three eggs to fill both sides happily.”

electric egg cooker

egg cooker

Arendo Electric Egg Boiler, £22.85, Amazon


You can whip breakfast eggs for the whole family with this six-egg cooker, and it also has a keep warm function – you’ll feel like you’re at a hotel! Simply fill the base with water using the included measuring cup, press the button and it will beep when ready. And choose how you want your eggs – medium, soft or hard.

5 star rating: 73%

For an overview: “Perfect eggs every time! Very easy to use. Very efficient use of energy compared to boiling. Eggs are much easier to peel than eggs boiled in a pan for some reason.”

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egg cutter

egg cutter

Prestige Stainless Steel Egg Cutter, £5.99, Amazon


This stainless steel egg slicer is Amazon’s highest rated. It cuts through soft-boiled eggs with ease and can also be used for berries, including kiwis and strawberries, as well as mushrooms and onions for salads.

5 star rating: 74%

For an overview: “I’m really picky about stuff like that. I don’t care how cheap it is if it’s meant to do something, I expect it to work as advertised. After years of buying more expensive brands only to have them fail a few weeks later, I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did, it’s simple, easy to use, sturdy, easy to clean and does the job perfectly every time. It’s plastic but built to last.”

microwave omelet maker

omelet maker

Lekue Microwave Omelet Maker, £14.99, Amazon


You can make delicious French omelettes in the microwave using this silicone omelet maker. Simply beat two eggs, add the ingredients of your choice, pour in the mixture and microwave for five minutes.

5 star rating: 60%

For an overview: “Absolutely love this little beauty! Makes such quick fresh omelettes. Great for work! Bought one as a gift for my friend too! 🙂 Cook for 1 minute on one side then flip Say it, then another minute and it’s done!”

boiled egg opener


Stainless steel egg slicer, £10.97, Amazon


If you like boiled eggs but hate the kind of messy moment that burns your fingers when you have to open them to access the liquid gold, then this is the egg gadget for you. Simply place it on the egg, gently pull the ball upwards and you’re done! You can also use it with hard-boiled eggs to remove the shell.

5 star rating: 54%

For an overview: “Eggzactly does what it says it will! Superb kitchen equipment!”

egg peeler

Set of two Jonas of Sweden hard-boiled egg peelers, £16.45, Amazon


These egg peelers not only quickly remove the troublesome eggshell on your boiled eggs, but you can also use them on avocados and mangoes for the perfect peel.

5 star rating: 61%

For an overview: “Worked exactly as the description (and video) said. Impressed my husband, which is hard to do. Our eggs are very fresh when we boil them (the hens live in our backyard!) and are therefore very difficult to peel. . These devices worked. I’m glad I bought them.

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