BellaDaPrima Unveils Groovy, Genre-Defying Single “Alone In The Night”

The genre-defying single “Alone In The Night”, taken from his new album Primadone by up-and-coming Canadian musician BellaDaPrima, has just been released. If you’re feeling lonely and can’t fall asleep tonight and need a friend by your side, BellaDaPrima will keep you company with their latest hypnotic blend of R&B, pop and hip-hop soundscapes. .

BellaDaPrima is a classically trained singer who is primarily interested in R&B music, but creatively transcends her sound into the realms of pop and hip hop. The rising artist is ready to take another step in genre experimentation and deliver more lush, dance-worthy productions, broadening her horizons on her path to success.

BellaDaPrima via Instagram

Born Courtney Green, singer-songwriter from Ontario, explores and reflects on the themes of insomnia and sleep co-dependency. It is inspired by the personal experiences of singer Courtney Green. This is a wonderful new single from an artist who understands exactly who she is and communicates it through her enticing lyrics, icy cadences, heart-pounding beats and beautiful repertoire. The slick rap verses seamlessly synthesize into an infectious chorus rooted in his intense, emphatic yet laid-back vocals and energetic production driven by heightened, roaring beats and an anthemic soundscape.

Stream and listen to “Alone In The Night” below!

Speaking of the message and inspiration behind the track, she says,

“Not everyone is lucky enough to have a house full of people, for kids who grew up alone, this one’s for you.”

Even though the song stems from the singer’s personal experiences, it feels universally relatable. Speaking from experience as someone who had trouble falling asleep if she had no one in the next room or in the same house, this is bound to strike a chord with anyone afflicted by suspicions of loneliness and missing warmth of others around them. The single wraps you around like a soft, warm blanket as you serenade the capped mountains, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, lulling you into a peaceful slumber. It’s dreamy, isn’t it?

BellaDaPrima has nurtured a gender-jumping aesthetic that explores themes of introspective growth, addiction, healing, forgiveness, and resilience. As a toddler, she was so in love with music and enjoyed performing for her family. But years later, she has molded her inspiring artistry and transformed from a music lover into a dedicated and refined singer, musician, lyricist and record producer. She intends to use her platform and art to spread love, kindness and courage with her audience and be an inspiration to others.

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