Boulder Library Foundation provides grants to library staff on leave, laid off during pandemic

The Boulder Library Foundation is providing approximately $ 45,000 to 57 current and former staff at the Boulder Public Library who were laid off or laid off during the pandemic.

The grants were funded by the Boulder Library Foundation and its donors, who contributed to the Help A Library worker Out (HALO) fund. The foundation funds approximately 90% of the events, activities and programs of the Boulder Public Library.

“We realize the impacts of COVID-19 have been too numerous to count, but hope this financial reward comes in handy as the holidays approach,” Foundation Board Chair Alicia Gibb said in a statement. hurry.

In the spring of 2020, about 70% of Boulder library employees were put on leave due to budget cuts related to COVID-19. Soon after, the HALO Fund opened its doors, collecting contributions from the Library Foundation and its donors.

Initially, 16 library staff applied for and received funding. The need was there, but the HALO fonds was difficult to distribute, the Boulder Public Library Foundation said in the statement.

“Many library staff were in pain, but they were also reluctant to apply for funding,” Juliette León Bartsch, director of programs and development for the Boulder Library Foundation, said in the statement.

However, that changed earlier this fall when the foundation launched a popular campaign asking current and former employees to nominate themselves or someone they know for funding, according to León Bartsch.

A total of 73 grants totaling more than $ 53,400 have now been distributed from the fund, the release said. This round of funding is largely depleting the HALO fund, marking the end of the current effort.

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