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DAYTON — Convention planners and visitors alike have been frustrated over the years with the lack of hotel rooms in downtown Dayton, but that’s all changing now, as a new facility off East First Street is one of many that will bring many new hotel rooms to the area.

The AC Hotel by Marriott will be located right next to the Stade des Dragons and will have 134 rooms for people traveling on business or leisure. It will also have a roof and other amenities.

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Dayton City manager Shelley Dickstein said the hotel adds to the flow that began a few years ago when the 98-room Fairfield Inn opened across the stadium.

There are even more projects in the pipeline for hotel rooms.

The 120-room Hotel Ardent is redeveloping a historic downtown building and is slated to open this summer or fall.

“It took them several rounds to get the historic tax credits, but once they got them, it’s exciting,” Dickstein said.

Chris Kershner, president of the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, said the influx of new hotels is because investors see the need and the opportunity.

“They make investments because the market shows there’s an opportunity to succeed,” Kershner said.

City leaders have pointed out that future development plans for the Arcade include a boutique hotel with up to 90 additional rooms.

Visitors say that if they’re here for a downtown event, it’s nice to stay downtown, or at least within the city limits.

“The less you can be on the road, the more you can leave your rehearsal site and where you’re staying and get to the arena to play, it’s so much easier,” said band manager Brad Adams. high school in town during International Winter Guard Competitions.

Adams said he would like to see more rooms available in Dayton.

City leaders believe they are significant as the businesses highlighted would bring in 445 new hotel rooms over a 5-year period.

It’s more than $50 million in investment that will help bring more gatherings to Dayton through more conventions at the newly renovated Downtown Dayton Convention Center.

“Their concern has always been that we need more hotel rooms to attract more really big conventions,” Dickstein said.

Dozens of international Winters guard groups will be present throughout the Dayton area this weekend, but as Dayton builds more and more hotel rooms, going forward, these groups may stay indoors. of the city limits and get closer to their places of events.

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