Coronavirus: Danes and New Zealanders are snapping up sex toys during lockdown

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Sex toy sales double in Denmark, triple in New Zealand before coronavirus lockdown

Just before the lockdown, nationals of many countries began stocking up on toilet paper amid the coronavirus crisis. However, Denmark and New Zealand experienced a different scenario as sex toy sales soared in these two countries.

In Denmark, sex toy sales more than doubled after Danes were urged to stay at home to limit the spread of the coronavirus, Reuters reports citing Sinful, the country’s largest merchandise retailer.

In New Zealand, the country’s largest sex toy retailer, Adult Toy Megastore was quoted by The Guardian as saying that sales of its products had tripled after Jacinda Ardern announced a month-long lockdown.

“It makes me happy that we are doing something right during this difficult time, when people feel vulnerable,” said Mathilde Mackowski, co-owner of Sinful, the biggest seller of sex toys in the Nordic countries.

In the first week of April, Sinful’s sales rose 110% in Denmark, where it estimates it controls three-quarters of the total market, Reuters reports.

The nation’s largest sex toy review website said traffic more than tripled during the lockdown compared to the same time last year.

In particular, the demand for sex games and toys for couples has increased. Sinful said sales of a 10-day love challenge for couples have more than quadrupled since mid-March compared to the same time before the lockdown.

“I think it’s natural that when we spend more time together we want to have a little more fun,” Mackowski said.

“We are taking better care of each other during this difficult time and that also affects our sex life,” she said.

Every day, the retailer ships some 1,500 packages to online customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Across the region, sales doubled in the first week of April compared to the same period last year.

The Danes are famous for their ‘hygge’ – a word that roughly means ‘comfort’, for being among the happiest people in the world, and for their progressive laws such as legalizing pornography in 1969, long before most. from European countries.

Sinful said the main spike in sales came in the past seven days, having actually slipped immediately after the lockdown was announced on March 11.

“It’s probably because we all panicked a bit and were looking more to buy toilet paper, toothpaste and that sort of thing,” Mackowski said.

Tripling of sales in New Zealand

New Zealanders have been warned by authorities against storing toilet paper or flour. But that’s not all they’ve racked up, The Guardian reported citing Adult Toy Megastore.

Adult Toys Megastore Logo

The nationwide shutdown has generated glee on social media about a possible baby boom nine months after stay-at-home rules were lifted, and has worried family planning specialists as access to various forms of birth control were declining.

The restrictions also led to a tripling of sex toy sales in the 48 hours before the lockdown was imposed on March 25.

The prospect of a boring month indoors seems to have prompted New Zealanders to put away adult products that they might not have tried before, said Adult Toy Megastore, a New Zealand-based company. .

“We sell a lot of beginner toys … all of our beginner lines are very popular,” said Emily Writes, a spokesperson for the company. “It really looks like people are saying, ‘I have time, I could try something new.'”

Sales of condoms, lubricant and menstrual cups were among other purchases that increased after Ardern announced the lockdown, along with adult board games and a sex toy cleaner.

Adult Toy Megastore told The Guardian it has seen a number of significant increases in sales over the past few weeks, all of which coincide with major announcements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. -Brittany.

Purchases tripled in all three countries on the day the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11.

The site’s sales doubled in Australia on March 22 when Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the bars were closed, and in Britain on March 21 when Boris Johnson announced the same.

“Looking at what people were buying at the time, they were just sex toys,” Emily Writes said. “It was like they were thinking, ‘We can’t go to bars, we can’t pick up, we can’t go on dates.'”

Adult Toy Megastore was considered an essential service by the New Zealand government and was allowed to continue operating during the shutdown as it sells condoms and medical items. All staff work from home.

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