Do you like Burna Boy and WizKid? Listen to these 5 African genres

African music is taking over the global airwaves, but most listeners are unaware of the variety of styles represented by their favorite tracks. gives us a crash course in five of the best genres emanating from the continent. Considered both a musical genre and a dance of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ndombolo is also popular in other African countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya. afro swing is a highly successful derivative of dancehall and Afrobeats developed in the UK in the mid-2010s, also known as Afrobashment. Descended from the French word secousse, meaning “to shock, shake or shake”, and 1960s Congolese rumba, Soukous is a famous genre of dance music from Congo-Kinshasha and Congo-Brazzaville. A style of house music that emerged from South Africa, Amapiano – which in isiZulu and isiXhosa translates to “the pianos” – is a combination of deep house, jazz, R&B and lounge music. Pronounced locally in Nigeria as “uhl-teh”, Altered is taken from the word “alternative” and describes how these artists excel at rebelling against the dominant categorization.


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