Google Calendar widgets finally have a button to quickly add events

One of the new highlighting features that Google introduced in I / O 2021 coming to Android 12 is Material You. This is Google’s next big UI design update that aims to personalize the user experience on every device in a unique way. With the Pixel 6 series and the stable version of Android 12 around the corner, Google has updated a lot of its apps with support for Material You. Recently, the Google Calendar received a Material You design update. It has now appeared that the update also brings a new button to help you quickly add new events from widgets.

The Google Calendar app comes with a widget that you can add to the home screen to preview all of your upcoming events. However, the biggest gripe people had with this widget was that it didn’t offer the ability to quickly add an event. That eventually changed with Google Calendar version 2021.37.0-396230951. As you can see in the screenshots below, the Calendar widget and the Month widget now have a “+” icon to help you quickly add an event to your calendar.

(Screenshots: Developer recognized by XDA luca020400)

The new button will make life much easier for those who add many events to their calendar throughout the day. You no longer need to open the calendar app and then find the Add Event button. You can simply add the widget to your home screen and tap the “+” icon to add an upcoming event to your schedule.

If you are using the beta version of Android 12 and have the Google Calendar app installed, you should be able to see the new widget and app redesign with this app update.

The Google Calendar app isn’t the only app in Google’s portfolio to receive a widget update with the Material You overhaul. Google Drive and Google Keep also received new widgets with their Material You updates.

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