Ismail Sirdah Identifies Best Blogging Sites For Event Promoters

DULUTH, Georgia and GWINNETT COUNTY, Georgia., May 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – GALLUS EVENTS

Gallus Events is an event consulting agency specializing in supporting event promoters to support in-person and virtual events. The website offers a variety of services, but industry knowledge on their blog is, of course, free.


Eventbrite is an online event management platform that helps promoters plan, market, and manage their events. As one of the leading event SaaS providers in the hospitality industry, The Eventbrite blog is one of the best out there.


Event Planning Blueprint is an online training destination for many aspiring event planners and promoters. The courses offer certificates of completion, but come at a cost.

The Event Planning Blueprint blog, however, is completely free and full of value for new and experienced event managers. Blog titles feature social media tips, ideas on environmental sustainability, managing event clients, and more.


Hubb is a popular software solution for event planners. As such, the website also hosts a first class blog covering a host of topics related to event management.

And because Hubb is an event engagement platform, his blog content offers great insight into how to increase engagement at events, whether in-person or virtual, says Ismail Sirdah.


Bizzabo is a Hubb competitor which also provides an amazing blog to help event promoters. One of the reasons its content is unique is that it provides great tips for securing referrals – a task that remains one of the most stressful jobs for event planners.


Hubspot isn’t strictly an event promotion brand, but its strong point is social media and content marketing. The skills of a promoter in social media can make or break a marketing event. As such, The Hubspot blog is a gold mine for event planners.

Social media platforms are growing rapidly and the editorial team at Hubspot is one of the best at keeping up with these trends. Hubspot Academy is also completely free and allows event promoters to obtain professional certificates in marketing and social media management.


Social tables is another event management software platform and its blog content offers many of the same information that can be found on Bizzabo and Hubb.

Contributors address specific event issues (for example, recent headlines cover wedding planning and event budgeting), as well as how to run successful events during COVID-19 restrictions, says Ismail Sirdah. Other common topics are catering, outdoor events and site management.


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