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For the publisher:

When we moved to the Fremont area our boys were 4 and 7 and only had a small library in town to consult books. We had moved here from West Point, New York where we took their Big Wheels every Saturday morning to our local library, so books and the library were very important in our routine. Unfortunately, they didn’t take much advantage of the magnificent new library that was built to the west of the city before they left the area. On the other hand, I benefited enormously from it!

It took me a while to figure out the interlibrary loan program, but now I use it a lot. I love to read book series and there are times when the library only has a few of the books in the series. I just ordered the missing ones and boom, it’s done!

At the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, when everything was closed, I was able to retrieve books from the bench in front of the library if I requested this service. The staff will go to great lengths to provide books to their customers.

When I was laid off after shoulder surgery over Christmas, my husband got my books back for me. There would be notes on the cash slips asking for my recovery and best wishes. I would write about them when the books were in. I received a sympathy card from one of the staff when our dog passed away in February. I get emails when a book arrives that they think I might want to check it out. My library knows me and cares about me.

I read about 60 books a year. I don’t read on Kindle. I don’t buy books; I consult them at the library. I am fortunate to have such an amazing library as Fremont’s and is filled with not only wonderful books but also truly amazing people. My library is the best!

Anne Jacquay


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