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Linden — The second Kiwanis Karaoke at the Mill drew more than 100 people to the Kimble-Sharp Lookout in downtown Linden on Tuesday, June 28.

The weather was hot as the crowd listened to the singers brave enough to perform karaoke in front of family, friends and strangers.

Larry Allen, a member of Linden Kiwanis, one of the main organizers, said more people attended the second karaoke night than the first, and they expect the event to continue to grow.

“People seem to warm up a lot faster. It’s a good community event,” he said. “It’s something that we can really, as a group, hold our heads up high and say we’ve done a good job here. I think it will grow. I am grateful to the town of Linden and all the volunteers and everyone who came out. They gave their time, effort and energy to come and be a part of it. It’s really a good event.

Attendees sang across all genres including rock, pop and notable classics that energized the crowd. The DJ and singers used the newly remodeled Kimble-Sharp Gazebo. Allen called it a “magnificent place”.

“It should be taken advantage of by more organizations in the town of Linden. I think this is an undiscovered gem. It’s nice. And someone really put effort and energy into these flowers,” he said. “I love the venue and hope next year will continue with this venue.”

Karaoke events are fundraisers for Kiwanis, which helps local children. The organization provides scholarships, helps families in need during vacations and more.

Kiwanis held between-song giveaways and raffles with items donated by local businesses, including UB Station Café and Michigan Beauty Company. Other sponsors include Sunshine Kayak Rental, Glory Day Sports, Alpine Marketplace, Northshore Market and more. Food and drinks were available.

“Come and get a few pieces of watermelon and some free popcorn and embarrass yourself,” he said. “Come here and sing and let us enjoy it. If we continue to have weather like this it will be a huge success.

The next two Kiwanis Karaoke events will take place on Tuesday, July 12 and Tuesday, July 26 from 6-9 p.m.

Allen hopes to have more karaoke nights next year.

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