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For 32 years, elementary students in Brewton City Schools have benefited from the dedication Debbie Stokes has found in teaching.
Stokes, who will leave his post at Brewton Primary School on June 30, says the time spent with pupils and other teachers over the years has never been taken for granted.
“I never took a day for granted,” Stoke said. “I am honored by the love, support and encouragement from parents, faculty, staff and students throughout my 32 years of teaching. Brewton City Schools supports and encourages its teachers to return to school and pays tuition. I can’t thank the school system enough.
Stokes began her teaching career shortly after marrying David Stokes at age 22. At the time, Stokes was working as assistant to the academic dean of Jefferson Davis Community College, where she worked for a decade. During this time, the couple had their first child, David.
“While I was there, I went back to school to get a master’s degree in elementary education,” Stokes said. “It took me exactly 5 years to complete this degree while working full time, with a toddler and pregnant with our second child, Elizabeth Anne.”
Their third child, Rob, would come into the world while Stokes was a fifth grade teacher at Flomaton Elementary School.
Encouraged by the Brewton city school system to gain more knowledge, Stokes returned to college to receive her master’s degree in instructional leadership.
“Upon completion, I joined WS Neal Elementary as an assistant principal,” Stokes said. “However, it was for a short time, as God had other plans for me. I returned to BES to take up the position of Assistant Director/Reading Specialist. June.
Stokes began her work as a teacher at Flomaton Elementary School with the Escambia County School System as a fifth grade teacher.
“I will always be grateful for the wonderful parental and administrative support there,” Stoke said of his time at FES. “I am grateful to the Escambia County school system for giving me this first opportunity.”
In the last years of his education career at Brewton Elementary School, Stokes touched the lives of more than just students.
“Debbie Stokes has inspired the creativity and enriched the learning of hundreds of children over her career,” said BES teacher Ginger Roberts. “I will always treasure her words of encouragement and acts of kindness she showed me throughout our 20 years of working together. I look forward to her continuing as a volunteer. Debbie will be a caring and influential mentor. and an asset for our students.
BES Director Barry Wood expressed his appreciation for Stokes’ service to education.
“I am extremely grateful to Debbie for her leadership and friendship over the three years I had the chance to work with her,” Wood said. “His passion for teaching students and mentoring young teachers is unparalleled and I wish him only the best in his new adventures.”
Carolyn Barnes, a maths interventionist at BES, said the opportunity to work with Stokes has been a “blessing”.
“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Debbie Stokes in a number of different capacities; a colleague, a teacher and an administrator,” Barnes said. “She had such an impact on my life in all three aspects. When I went from a first grade teacher to a third grade teacher, she encouraged me and always helped me. As my child’s fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Stokes kept her students engaged, enriched, inspired and above all loved! It was one of my child’s most precious years. As an administrator, Ms. Stokes has brought all of this to our faculty and our students. We have all been blessed by her. His love and compassion for BES will certainly be missed.
Brewton City Schools Superintendent Dr Kenneth Varner said Stokes’ presence on the staff of the system was something to be appreciated.
“Debbie was a great addition to our staff,” Varner said. “She took on any task and was certainly not afraid of hard work. His loyalty and positive attitude were greatly appreciated during his tenure.
Stokes viewed his job more as a pleasure in his life than a real job.
“I can truly say that I never went to work a day, but every day was a day of celebration,” Stokes said. “After all, how can you work with children and your life not be enriched and fun?
“In my 32 years of study, I can say that I feel more secure in the future of our children and in the effectiveness of our teachers. Our teachers are trained in multisensory education and the science of reading and continuing professional development. BES has just won thanks to the dedicated work of students, teachers, administration and staff the title of National Blue Ribbon School.
Stokes is not only grateful for her career in education, but took the opportunity to show her appreciation to other educators in the city of Brewton school system.
“I owe so much to the teachers in the Brewton City School System who helped shape my three children,” Stokes said. “David is a high school science teacher, Elizabeth Anne is an elementary school teacher and Rob is a naval officer and serves as a naval aviator. My husband, David, is retired, so life is about to get interesting! We will cross uncharted territory together!
Stokes said looking back on her career, there’s one thing that stands out about her students’ lives.
“The one constant in my career that has made the biggest difference in children’s lives is love,” Stokes said. “Love breaks down all barriers. Relationships must be created before instruction and learning can begin. I leave with a grateful heart. Thank you to all those I have had the privilege of teaching. love you all and I know the world is a better place because of you.

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