Ted Nugent says being called N-Word was the “biggest compliment”

Ted nugent recalled the “biggest compliment” he has ever received in a new video posted to his Facebook page.

The story goes back to the very early days of his career, when Nugent and his band won an opening competition for the Supreme.

“I was a kid. I had no idea of ​​the world of professionalism or music, ”recalls the rocker. But we were so determined to play like the Funk Brothers. As Chuck berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard. The authenticity of this dark dynamic, the emotion, the challenge and the celebration of “free, finally free”.

The aforementioned Funk Brothers were a group of session musicians who performed on many of Motown’s most famous releases of the ’60s and’ 70s. The band was on site the night that Nugent opened for the Supremes and grabbed the future Motor City. Madman during the soundcheck.

“They look at us, sneering. And the biggest, baddest, blackest of all the Funk Brothers got up and started laughing at us, ”Nugent recalls. “So we put our guitars away, the Funk Brother, the big old black dude comes in, puts his hand on my shoulder and says, ‘That was great guys. You keep playing guitar like that, you’re gonna be a n —– when you grow up. ‘ “

Nugent called it “the biggest compliment in the world”, explaining that the term was meant in a positive way. “This word was the perfect expression that we had a soul. Perfect expression that a bunch of little white whippers put on at least everything we had to be tight like the Funk Brothers, like James brown. “

“To this day I use it as a badge of honor,” Nugent admitted, adding that he always uses the phrase before a performance. “Every night before we go on stage, we assemble our firsts and push with everything we’ve got… and we go ‘Nig-up! Nig-up! James Brown! Wilson’s stake! Moville! Funk Brothers! Funk Brothers! Funk Brothers! And then we got on the stage, and there is no Caucasian to be found. “

Despite Nugent’s declared reverence for black artists, the rocker has been accused of racism on several occasions. The sites cited a “history of racist and hateful remarks” on to cancel a handle of his concerts in 2014. More recently, the rocker claims to have lost a godfather of his Spirit of nature television show because of past accusations of racism.

“Anyone who cares – not the ones who call me a racist, but the genuinely honest and caring people know that I have paid homage and reverence to black heroes in music all my life, which means I am the anti-racist, “Nugent insisted in the Facebook video.” So if you find someone who calls Ted Nugent a racist, you’re looking at sub-human shit that lives on a lie. “

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