The best XR companies in education for 2022

The educational landscape represents perhaps one of the most valuable areas of focus for XR companies today. For years, we’ve been looking for ways to empower and support a new generation of digitally savvy learners. However, it is fair to say that the demand for new innovative technologies in education has increased significantly since the pandemic.

Over the past two years, the lack of access to in-person and traditional education opportunities for students and employees in training has prompted a focus on XR for education.

With augmented reality, students can bring graphics, graphics, and digital content into the real world, where they can interact with and explore each resource. With mixed reality, teachers can use holographic images and environments to enhance education, allowing medical students to interact with virtual organs in the real world. In virtual reality, students can even travel to different places and times, without leaving a room.

Of course, to create these experiences, we first need XR companies that can provide the unique environments that education teams are looking for.

Here are some of the vendors currently making waves in this space. Some are finalists for this year’s education and training award at this month’s XR Awards 2022.


A forward-thinking company founded by women and veterans, designed to change the way we create unique training and engagement experiences, Dynepic is taking the world of education by storm. At the heart of the company’s innovative portfolio is the DX-Platform, an immersive application combined with a training, distribution, creation and management platform.

Dynepic enables businesses and educators in all environments to design their own extended reality experiences with multi-vendor training tools and platforms, all with white labeling.

Currently, the company is ready for the Education and formation Reward and Krissa Watry, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynepichave the chance to win XR Leader of the Year.

Online Learning Brothers

Today, one of the leading companies in the digitally transforming education space, eLearning Brothers has helped countless brands like Google, Amazon, Siemens, and PayPal create new digital learning opportunities for their users. The company specializes in a wide range of digital training experiences and offers brands access to a customizable VR authoring tool.

The solution enables companies to create immersive learning experiences accessible through a VR headset, mobile or desktop web browser. There are even templates to get you started with common training scenarios.

Butterfly + Flame

A leading provider of immersive learning experiences for large enterprises, Moth+Flame is doing amazing things in the education industry. The brand has helped clients achieve powerful results through VR training, including educational results 4x faster than traditional classroom methods.

Moth+Flame companies help companies access an end-to-end training solution with its own learning management system and various soft skills and hard skills training models. You will also have access to immersive collaboration as part of the package.

Pattern provides businesses in today’s digital age with a comprehensive VR training platform, where they can create their own unique educational experiences for users. The platform helps all kinds of businesses create their own VR content, without the need for prior coding knowledge, which sets it apart from countless complex white-glove solutions.

Motive works by ensuring companies can create phenomenal 3D versions of their training environment, then allowing them to populate that landscape with immersive and interactive scenarios. You can also deploy your creations to multiple devices with one click.

Osso VR

One of a variety of virtual reality training and education companies focused on the healthcare landscape, Osso VR is a leading surgical training platform and virtual reality assessment ecosystem. The technology gives teams access to virtual training experiences where they can learn how to perform complex procedures in a fully immersive environment.

Virtual training experiences drive adoption and allow team members access to more training opportunities in any environment, even without access to medical equipment and cadavers. Additionally, the environment also has a host of powerful analytics to help track knowledge acquisition over time.

Osso VR is also a Education and formation 2022 XR Awards finalist.


Designed for the growing landscape of deskless and hands-on workers, Taqtile offers businesses a way to provide their team members with instruction and guidance wherever they are. Taqtile’s “Manifest” platform can accelerate training even in complex environments such as construction or engineering speed.

Companies can update their specialists within days and provide continuous access to upgraded and updated training over time. Already, a number of companies in the industrial, military and other sectors have started to adopt Taqtile in their training strategies.


ViewAR is an all-in-one virtual reality environment where businesses and education professionals can create, manage and publish their own augmented reality applications. Designed to ensure that everyone can enjoy the world of AR, the state-of-the-art solution means developers and inexperienced creators can both use the same cutting-edge technologies.

With ViewAR, you can create immersive experiences designed to work with a range of domains and environments, using templates to speed up app creation.

VR Vision Inc.

Specializing in enterprise-level VR training solutions, VR Vision Inc works hard to help companies prepare their teams for the new era of metaverse experiences and metaworking. The company offers a full range of augmented and virtual reality solutions designed to inspire employees and bring new skills to training specialists.

You can access comprehensive VR training environments designed to help teach your team members the skills they need to thrive in any environment, even if you work in a particularly complicated ecosystem. There are also services available to help with content production and deployment.

fundamental VR

An IP company working in the midst of machine learning and the XR environment, FundamentalVR has created a powerful new platform called “Fundamental Surgery” to deliver immersive education to people in the medical landscape. State-of-the-art technology delivers multi-modal training and simulation on all-in-one, connected VR, MR and mobile devices.

This solution is the only global platform available today that has achieved educational accreditation from a range of leading medical institutions, including the Royal College of Surgeons and AAOS.

FundamentalVR is the third finalist in the Education and formation award.

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