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T-shirts are supposed to be comfortable, but are they yours? If you live in a humid climate or jog on a windless day, even cotton can feel heavy. That’s why you’ll want to check out these sweat activated tees. These shirts will keep you cool no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

Let’s face it; your clothes are not always comfortable. That cotton tee you picked out in the morning can feel stuffy mid-day if you’re working from home. And if you live in an area where the weather is often humid, even 78 degrees Fahrenheit can feel sweltering. In both situations, you’ll want to change clothes if you’re home. But according to the creators of Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt®, the answer is not to change clothes, but better clothes. Specifically, a tee that can handle moisture.

This refreshing t-shirt looks like a high-quality t-shirt. It is made of TACTEL® fabric, known as the “cotton alternative” fabric. Garments made with TACTEL® are lighter than natural fabrics. It is also soft against the skin, which increases the comfort factor. In terms of style, the Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt® is available in Deep V-Neck and Crew Neck. So you have options to match this shirt. And because of its comfortable material, this shirt has what the company calls a “tribrid” feature. This means you can wear it as a tee, base layer or base layer. She’s a pretty functional gadget.

How does this sweat activated t-shirt work?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, two components turn this tee into a cooling powerhouse: fabric production technology and fabric finishing technology. First, let’s look at the fabric finishing technology.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat-Activated Tee on a Man at the Beach

What is xylitol and why is it in this t-shirt?

Xylitol is an all-natural sugar alcohol found naturally in certain fruits, white birch and corn. You’ve probably put it in your coffee already. In addition to its sweetening properties, xylitol also has an endothermic (heat absorption) reaction when it comes into contact with moisture. It’s one of the ways this shirt can keep wearers so cool. The fabric is infused with xylitol. So the warmer you are, the cooler your shirt will be, even if there is no wind. This makes the tee ideal for wet conditions, indoors or on a hot day with no breeze.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Tee activated by sweat on a man wearing sunglasses

How does the fabric keep this heat resistant t-shirt cool?

As I mentioned before, this cooling tee is made of a fabric called TACTEL®. Yes, it is lighter and softer than most other materials. But it is also more absorbent and dries eight times faster than cotton. So while the xylitol gives you that cooling effect, the fabric itself will help wick away moisture quickly. It’s a good thing since nobody likes sweat stains on their t-shirt. TACTEL® is also three times stronger than natural materials and has a four-way stretch function that facilitates movement. Thus, the Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt® is flexible and durable enough to be worn while you work.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Tee activated by sweat on a close-up of a man

Where can I wear this breathable t-shirt?

Virtually anywhere. Due to the durable and flexible nature of the fabric, you can feel confident wearing the Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt® in the office, at the gym, while traveling, running, etc. Also, its 50 gauge fabric is not as sheer as others. This means you can wear it like you would a regular t-shirt or as an undergarment/base layer with virtually no added bulk.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-shirt on a man riding a bicycle

Does this endothermic tee offer UV protection?

Yes. Due to its high 50 gauge fabric, this cooling tee offers UPF15 sun protection. So, although its fabric is very thin, it still blocks a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays from reaching your skin. In contrast, the typical cotton t-shirt only gives you around UPF5 protection. This is an important difference.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Sweat Activated T-Shirt

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt Tee activated by sweat on a man with a bicycle

Does this shirt absorb odors?

There’s no point in having a refreshing t-shirt if it smells bad. Don’t worry, the creators of this shirt have thought of that too. The microvesicles in this tee also contain antibacterial agents like undecanol monoglyceride, which controls the growth of bacteria.

Is this shirt sustainably made?

We hear a lot about the dangers of chemicals in clothes leaching into the ground and oceans after we throw them away. Fortunately, xylitol is an odorless natural compound that meets OEKOTEX safety standards. Additionally, the company’s fabric processing adheres to ZDHC guidelines for the use of environmentally safer chemicals. Finally, the company is trying to reduce its fabric waste during production, one of the biggest problems in the apparel industry.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt® is a great buy for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable throughout their day. This cooling t-shirt has been designed down to its fibers to lower your body temperature and allow moisture to be absorbed and dried quickly. Plus, the fabric itself is soft to the touch and has a bit of stretch that helps with movement. This sweat activated t-shirt is a great staple for any wardrobe as it is suitable for exercising and relaxing at home as well as a basic undergarment/shirt for office or travel. With this t-shirt, you have never been so comfortable.

The Cool Human Endothermic Cooling Shirt® is $44 and you can pre-order it on the official site.

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